Tuesday, May 11, 2010

World Record

Oh my goodness, the calculus students keep emailing me about their grades! So far I have heard from 18 of them! Never before have so many students written to complain about their grades.

I blame the online gradebook. Never before have I used an online gradebook from Blackboard or some other software. But now they know every little detail of their scores and they want explanations about it all. They want to know how they got a 63 on the final when all their other grades were in the 80s. (Answer: They integrated when they should have differentiated and found the average rate of change when they should have taken a definite integral.) If a letter grade range goes from 70 to 73, they want to know if a 71.22 is close enough to a 73 to be rounded up. They want to know if there is any extra credit.

The whining and complaining will not be missed.