Sunday, June 06, 2010

Can't Get Away from Freshmen

Today I had lunch with a little over a dozen freshmen. These are the shiny new super-duper freshmen who won the fancy-fancy scholarship. They are eager and perky.

Today's lunch was to have a chance to chat with them and stop them from doing stupid things just because a brand-new advisor who has never advised before. The new full-time advisors start just before summer pre-registration; honors students are the first students to pre-register.

The two most important things that I told them: I gave them the web site with the automated graduation-requirement checker. And I told them that a lot of requirements at this university are negotiable. Most of them have a lot of college credit already from dual-enrollment; I told them that if their transfer credit doesn't come in counting for what they think it should count for that they should ask someone.

Some of them, despite having buckets of credit, have a lot of coursework ahead of them in the next few years. They're hoping to graduate in four years with double majors in a lab science and in music performance.