Friday, June 25, 2010

More Things that Happen to Me

Last night I was walking past the Z-center, and a guy comes up to ask me a question. Since I haven't been on campus that long, I don't recognize everyone that I'm dealing with. Especially since this year there is some sort of "peace, understanding, and outreach" thing going on, so I have dozens more people that I have to deal with. Like, more than half a gross of extra people to talk to.

So he's like, "What movie should I see this weekend?" I tell him that I'm too busy to even know what movies are out. So he narrows his question: "The one with Tom Cruise and the woman, the blonde, the one from 'There's Something About Mary'? Or the A-Team?"

I advised him against the A-team, just based on gut instinct.

He then asks me if I'm an MIT student, which means that his is just some random dude and not one of the many, many people who I've been formally introduced to at banquets and such. I tell him no, that I'm a consultant who is working here for the summer. And so he accepts that I really could be busy and lets me continue on my way.