Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Life in International Administration

Countries I have called this week that are not the USA: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan.

Number of xerox copies of I-94 cards that are in my totebag: 3 (of people from China, Lebanon, and Spain -- expecting a fourth from Singapore and possibly a fifth from Greece).

Major crisis averted: Got someone (from Sweden) from zero paperwork to fully hired and oriented at BIDMC in 24 hours.

Major crisis continuing: Someone from Saudi Arabia's is not in-status on his visa. Not coincidentally, he is responsible to my phone call to Saudi Arabia. You thought the days of mommies calling me were over? You were wrong. And now I call them back in Saudi Arabia.

Minor crisis continuing: Someone from Lebanon entered the US on a Canadian passport and the INS was all NAFTA NAFTA NAFTA and didn't stamp the DS2019.

No problems at all, just boring paperwork: Many other countries.