Thursday, June 10, 2010


The main reason that I haven't been able to ask anyone at work about the stuff I need to know is that the team is kind of like the ensemble cast of a caper movie or a super-hero movie. Everyone knows about one thing. And, to make things more complicated, only a few of us are university employees, so different people have to follow different administrative rules (like filling out different forms for travel approval). Most of the rest work for a handful of federal sites that are subcontracted on the grant. And a lot of them aren't local. We have a lot of people in the Chicago area and northern California.

But today I struck gold! Today I met one of the women who staffs the "I lost my password" hotline. Her entire job is answering stupid questions!

In other "making the best of it" news, yesterday at work my computer was doing something incredibly stupid, and I couldn't figure out if it was a hardware problem or a software problem. (It lost its ability to connect to the monitor over DVI and would only do VGA. As I have two laptops, I was able to quickly determine that the monitor was not the problem.) In the afternoon I ran into the guy with the cat and the ferret and I asked him if he could fix my computer. And he could! And it works again! (Some sort of plist or somesuch deep down in /System/Library was at fault.)