Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pros and Cons of Living in a Concrete Heatsink with a View of the Charles

Pro: When dawn extends around 4:30am and shines into my Charles-facing windows, I wake up without an alarm and can catch up on all my email between 5am and 7am before people wake up to send me more email. I appreciate DST when I am in Cambridge, as otherwise this would be 3:30am; I despise DST when I am at home because it is dark until 8am most of the year.

Con: When it is sunny, it is always hotter in the building than outside the building. Even at night, it doesn't cool down inside because of all the stored heat energy and the stupid windows that don't open very wide. I may need to get a few more box fans. There are only three windows that it is reasonable to put a fan in front of, so my current plan is to run three box fans in parallel. Once I max out on parallel fans, is there any airflow gain by running more in serial?

Speaking of parallel, my code that was broken before has suddenly started working correctly every single time. I did not change anything.

Today's schedule is insane. We have breakfast scheduled at 7:30, sessions from 8:20 - noon and then again from 1pm - 5:30. Dinner with some important dude at 6:00pm. Another talk at 7:15pm. And then a film from 8:15pm - 10:45pm. After that we have a meeting. And we start again tomorrow at the same time. So you can see why I haven't had much time to blog.