Saturday, June 19, 2010


  1. Spent all day on Thursday tracking down people in person who have been ignoring my calls and emails. As suspected, they were ignoring me because they had put off what I had been asking them to do. If they had told me IN THE PAST that what I had asked was too much, I could have taken care of it myself IN THE PAST. And by that I mean "further in the past than Thursday."

  2. Went to meetings with people with a totally different, inflexible mindset.

  3. The minions were making signs. I put the low-sticky masking tape next to the sign-making supplies. They found paint-destroying packing tape to hang up signs.

  4. Not everything is someone else's fault. I had totally forgotten something that is now going to use up at least an hour of staff time. I feel bad, as I try very hard to make things easy for my staff.

  5. Have not written any more code, functional or otherwise. Have finally managed to get access to all of the machines that I should be able to log on to. No longer do I have the excuse that this code is inappropriate for my laptop.

  6. All hell starts to break loose any minute now. The real trouble is unleashed tomorrow.