Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel, and the Latest Computer Mysteries

At the moment I am in Cambridge, MA. Tomorrow I will show up at the offices of people who are ignoring my emails and calls.

Last year our ID cards had TechCASH but would not open the door to the building; this year it is the other way around.

But the real mystery is whether I will be able to check my university email account from MIT. When I connect to the MIT GUEST network -- which is pretty sweet -- I can not connect to my university email accounts. None of them. Not math, not computer science, and not campus-wide. When I try to open the university's web page in a browser, I get nothing.

And yet, my phone can connect over 3G.

I'm thinking that the easiest fix is to go to the Athena cluster, and (assuming I can connect) use the university's web interface to forward all my university mail to my MIT account. Maybe while I'm at it, I'll see if I can finally log on to the machines that I'm supposed to have access to on the TeraGrid and find out how portable my bugs are.