Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times in Hot Weather

The sparse blogging may get even sparser. Things are getting stupid-crazy here at my summer job.

And, then in added bonus fun, we have real excitement brewing at my regular job. So the system has been down for about a week, so no one could install anything that needed to be installed. At best, things can start being installed on Monday. There are things that I need to do before Thursday that rely on using things that are not yet installed.

And then there is this whole east coast heat wave summer nonsense that has been going on for way too long. I am counting down the days until I only have one job and I have air conditioning.

And in unrelated news, I seriously wonder about the fraud detection algorithm that my credit card uses. Last month I got a call from them that they were wondering about my purchase of an airline ticket to Europe and some stuff I had shipped to Cambridge, MA. OK, reasonable enough. Yesterday they called again because I charged my cell phone bill to my credit card, like I do every month, and I bought some stuff in Cambridge, MA at the same chain stores that I usually shop at when I'm home. This doesn't really seem like a clever fraud detection algorithm.

Speaking of fraud detection, today I tried to log on to the bank as The Topologist. It's a good thing that I listen to his stories, as his security question was about the name of the snake that bit him. I got it on the second guess.

And am I over-reacting to the hot weather by shopping for summer skirts? Once I get home where there is air conditioning I suspect that I'll be wearing long sleeves, wool socks, and all that until heating season begins.