Thursday, July 01, 2010


OK, I am seriously impressed by the "Genius" playlist in iTunes.

Backstory: I dated some guy for 2.5 years during the early 1990s. As was popular custom during this time, he made me a bunch of mix tapes. I ended up buying several of the albums whose songs ended up on the tapes.

In the mean time I have imported the CDs into my iTunes library.

I didn't buy all of the albums, so there were a few songs I liked that I only had on tape. As I still own tape deck and the appropriate cables for attaching it to a 1/8" headphone jack, I used the Audacity software to import a few songs from tape into mp3 format and added them to my iTunes library. They don't have any useful metadata at all.

Yesterday I decided to ask the iTunes Genius playlist to make me a playlist based on one of the songs that I'd copied off of a cassette tape.

It populated the entire playlist with songs from my iTunes library that had been on those mix tapes!