Monday, July 12, 2010

Latest Adventures in Multi-Tasking

  1. Wrote some code. Made some slides. Took some "action" screen shots of the CPU/memory state while the code was running to put on the slides.

  2. Talked to The Topologist about the poltergeist living in his car. He's finally decided to schedule an exorcism.

  3. Also talked to The Topologist about the back yard (apparently covered in straw in the wake of landscaping) and the kitchen (empty and waiting for the construction professionals to make their next move).

  4. Orchestrated the arrangements for Noam Elkies to talk tonight. Needed: piano, piano tuner, xerox copies of hand-out, document camera, blank paper, and something to write with.

  5. Talked to the assistant of tomorrow's speaker.

  6. Worked on logistics for the guest joining us at Wednesday's talk. Wednesday is a big deal. The speaker is a Nobel Laureate. The guest is from the Saudi Arabian national oil company -- the same person who wanted to know if I wanted to work at the program that Saudi Aramco would be running next summer at KAUST. I'm now second-guessing the wisdom of turning down an opportunity at KAUST that is being paid for by Saudi Aramco. I can't imagine an educational partnership with better funding.

  7. I think I'm getting sick. Theorem: All students are covered with germs.