Thursday, July 15, 2010

Latest Indicators of My Summer Leadership

  1. Communication between me and one of the people who I supervise has evolved into us making lolcats with the information that we wish to convey (things like: "In ur paperwork fillin' out ur forms" or "I can haz receipts") and emailing them to each other.

  2. In other summer administrative news, despite our program being at MIT since 1992, allegedly no one at HR has ever heard of us, which has caused a major dust-up between the admin in one of the departments and someone from Environmental Health and Safety. Clearly this is way out of my league, so I punted this one to my boss.

  3. As part of yesterday's dog and pony show with the Important Guest, we took a tour of the Media Lab and had dinner with a Nobel laureate (physiology). Clearly showing where my priorities are, I was far more interested in talking to the grad students demoing cool toys in the Media Lab than to the Nobel laureate.

  4. I'm burning through all sorts of capital to make it through the summer. Good luck to whoever does this next year.

  5. At least it's not supposed to be so stupid hot today. Only two more weeks until I am back somewhere with air conditioning.