Thursday, July 22, 2010

Normally My Thematic List Posts are Not So Contrived

  1. Can you use the word schadenfreude when you are currently experiencing the same unfortunate situation? (I have no air conditioning; other people I know lost their air conditioning.) What about when your staff is scrambling to get something done when you told them about it in late May or early June?

  2. After a week of telecommunications issues and crappy Skype calls, I have discovered how to pay $5 to talk to The Topologist for a half hour. I have memorized his new phone number, which is 11 digits long for him, but anywhere from 13 to 16 for me, depending if I want to count the 011 and the 49. Unclear to me whether I need to dial the 011 before the 49 or if I can skip the 011 by replacing it with a +. On a related note, the VoIP phones in W20-575 no longer make international calls for free.

  3. There is no clever way for me to wrap up this post with a nifty references to luxury cars or my childhood bout of rubella. (For real, I had it when I was an infant.)

  4. The idealistic plan, which never happens in construction, was for my kitchen to be done by the time I got home from Cambridge, MA. But the cabinet people took forever to measure and to get their drawings accepted by the architect. And since it is custom cabinet work, it will take many, many, many weeks for cabinets to be fabricated. Months, perhaps. No point in even ordering my Miele dishwasher yet.