Friday, July 09, 2010


Originally I was supposed to fly back down to The South so that I could go to my Real Job today. I would have flown out last night -- or at stupid o'clock this morning -- and gone to work all day today. Then I would have flown back up to Boston Saturday or Sunday.

But I talked my way out of it. Also procrastinated my way out of it. Tickets got expensive. A compromise was reached.

I'm not somewhat regretting my decision. At the moment it is the same temperature in Cambridge as it is at home. And the predicted high for the day is the same in both places. The only difference is that where I'm living now has no airconditioning; buildings in The South are kept at an arctic level of chill. The idea of spending a few days in air conditioned airports, planes, cars, homes, and offices seems so very enticing.