Friday, July 30, 2010

The Return of My Laptop

So now I could blog again, as I have my "home" laptop back in my possession after to lending it to someone since Monday. I have a strict rule that my "work" laptop is for work only and for nothing non-work. (Both jobs count.)

Anecdote from Tuesday

Guy I know who appeared in Hard Problems: Can I borrow your laptop to read this paper [which he was reading on paper, dead-tree edition]? I can't find where [term] is defined, and I want to use "find" to search for it.

Me: Sure. You can grab it from my bag [pointing across room to laptop bag]. So in order to use it you'll need to rest the keyboard. On the menu bar there is a little "DQ." You click on that menu and--

Guy: What does "DQ" stand for?

Me: Dvorak with QWERTY command keys.

Guy: Oh, I type Dvorak. [A moment later, as he's using my computer.] Oh, neat! It's command-F for find and not command-Y!

[Aside about the group I was with: There was also an Esperanto-speaker in the room.]