Thursday, August 05, 2010


Attention burglars and thieves: I am now home from my conference and other travels, so there is no good reason to break into my house.

In other news, today's ridiculous delays (hint: by the time the plane was supposed to land at its destination, it was still sitting on the ground waiting to take-off), I was reminded that when I was a medium-sized child one of my career goals was to do the schedule for the airlines.

As I was sitting next to the flight attendant, I learned a lot of things about the delay. For example, every time a flight leaves from that gate, it runs late. Also, if we had been another 20 minutes later, then the first flight to Atlanta tomorrow morning would have been delayed as part of a chain reaction of lateness.

Considering that the airlines have insane amounts of computer records of everything that happens in terms of boarding, departures, and all that, there should be an awesome opportunity for data mining. And money-saving.