Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Gave a Talk, and It Sucked

Well, at least that is over. A lot of planning went into my bad talk, and I learned a lot about having a Plan B and a Plan C and a Plan D and being able to switch among them on the fly.

Life should return to normal within a few days. Blogging should return to normal within a few days, too.

Since we all miss the calculus students, I may be substitute teaching a bit in about two weeks. Other people's calculus students might bring something fun into the mix.

I'm also going to be taking another graduate statistics course in the fall (haven't yet told my boss that I'll be skipping out early two days a week to go to class). According to the class list on Blackboard, none of my classmates are statistics majors. Poor stats department, with their core courses populated by non-majors and being forced to turn these courses into service courses. Of course, this is Graduate Intro to Stats, Part II in the Fall. You should always expect a trainwreck in the off-sequence section of a required class. Professor has sent out multiple warnings that he will be checking prerequisites. I think that in order to show that I have taken enough math (requires linear algebra) that I will bring a copy of my undergraduate transcript showing that I took linear algebra in 1992.

And finally, I'm not sure what I think of the PPG Building.