Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Leftover Story from my Trip (Involving a Flight Attendant)

During much of the delay and for much of the flight home I was talking to one of the flight attendants since her seat was right next to mine. She reminded me a lot of the people who would show up in gen-ed math.

One of the stories that she told me was about the leaking air conditioning in the plane. Apparently the plane's a/c system was not designed to withstand the extremes of long waits on the tarmac in Atlanta, and condensation builds up and starts dripping (inside the plane) from the crack between the side wall and the panel with the reading lights, vent nozzles, etc. The dripping is such that it drips on passengers. There is even one part of the a/c system in this particular aircraft that would drip on first class passengers.

The flight attendant had put in a request with maintenance for them to fix it, and their response was something along the lines of: Sorry, design flaw. So the plane continued to drip on first class passengers.

Until the flight attendant stuck a maxi-pad up inside the crack in the spot it was dripping from.