Friday, August 27, 2010

Nothing to Report

  1. House is still filled with dust. Nothing worth photographing in the kitchen, as we are in the "electricity" phase of the project. Small bits of wall are being cut up so that electrical things can be dealt with. Unclear whether the old chimney (behind one of the walls) will interfere with the plan to put a cable jack and an electrical outlet in a cabinet over the refrigerator. Not sure if I want to put the router there, but it seemed easy enough to ask for.

  2. Sent an awful lot of email today at work. Nothing got resolved.

  3. Was sent to a talk by my boss. He walks into my office at 11am and tells me that someone who knows me but who I don't know is talking at noon and that I should be there. Talk audience was > 90% male. Apparently there were about a half dozen of us who were sent to this talk by my boss and who are not regular attendees at this seminar. I was the only one grilled by the organizer about who I was and why I was there and who invited me. Maybe he thought that I was crashing his seminar to eat more than my fair share of his pizza?

  4. Planning on taking a walk soon.

  5. After my walk I think I'm going to go to a party being held by former students in the student slum neighborhood. Although I do not teach at the university any more and the students I know who live in that apartment have graduated and are 23 years old, I am still opting for not bringing alcohol to the party.