Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Wait, I Don't Work There Any More

One of the first units in the gen-ed math class is about estimating. In a variation on the classic Fermi problem about estimating the number of piano tuners in Chicago, I would have the students estimate how many veterinarians there are in this city and various other things like that.

Every time I see people on the news bickering about the number of people who were in Washington for the Glenn Beck event, I am really, really hoping that someone is using this to motivate why we might want to be able to estimate things.

And then I realize that while a non-trivial fraction of any class holds political views that may be consistent with Glenn Beck's there is a much, much larger fraction of the class that is so apathetic that they do not care about anything.

So I don't really miss the gen-ed students. What I am doing is angling to teach honors students next year. If it weren't for the changeover to Banner that is coming up at the end of the semester, I suspect that this would be really easy because I'm pretty sure that when people leave faculty positions that they are not purged from the instructors table in the registration database. And I would offer to teach the class for free, which would make the paperwork even easier.