Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recent Developments

  1. The iMac has arrived, but I haven't yet had the chance to get it all set up to my liking. Recreational computing is now done from the laptop while sitting on the couch.

  2. The house is filled with boxes. The iMac's box. And I bought a mini-fridge to use for the duration of the kitchen remodel project which is scheduled to start on Monday.

  3. The plumbing situation is becoming more and more serious. Fortunately, I have joined the gym at work, and I can shower there. I'm hoping that if I can offload showering to work, then minimal toilet-flushing will still be possible at home. Really need to get together with my contractor to coordinate the sewer part of the plumbing (my problem) with the kitchen part of the plumbing (his problem). Unfortunately, his plumber doesn't want to do the whole job. Even more unfortunately, his plumber has some crazy plan to "fix" things by moving my washing machine to an impossible part of the basement.

  4. Went to statistics class yesterday. Technology fail in the classroom. Ruined the guy's entire plan for the day. In a class like statistics I strongly believe that you should be able to do at least the first day with just a marker. Could be interesting, as he seems intent on teaching the "why" behind everything and making everyone program linear model fitting in MATLAB instead of using something like SAS as a black box. No one in the class is a statistics grad student; they're all in agriculture, engineering, etc.

  5. Way too much crap that needs doing around the house. In addition to a contractor I need a landscaper and a handyman.