Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Statistics Omens

The statistics class that I'm taking promises to be awesome. For example, here are some actual slides that are really quite representative of the deck that we're working our way through right now.

I'm pretty sure that the way that these slides were produced was that the professor took the book that he is writing and changed the preamble from \documentclass{book} to \documentclass{beamer}, made a few minor changes and recompiled.

Sometimes I'm tempted to make editorial comments on the slides. Like inserting \begin{verbatim} and \end{verbatim}. Also there are places where he should have \left( and \right) instead of ( and ).

The book claims that covering 12 chapters is appropriate for a full-year course. The professor indicates that he plans to cover 14 chapters this semester. After three days of class, we are on slide 44 of 58 from this chapter. There are a total of 28 class periods.

* * *

My understanding of the scope of the kitchen project is that we will be keeping some of the drywall and possibly using the original floor as a subfloor. Today I had to wet-mop most of the floors in the house to do something about the dust drifts. I'll be happy once the contractor is done with taking apart walls.