Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will Teach Calculus for Beer

Back in the spring I covered a calculus class for someone (because it was the right thing to do -- and easier than any of the other favors he needed) and didn't get (or ask for!) anything in return.

Ten days from now I am going to cover another calculus class. Since it's the crazy-beginning of the semester, I volunteered to help out. Everyone else is going to be busy with syllabi and add-drop and other such craziness.

Word has it that to "pay me back" for doing this, that I will be treated to free beer at the math department weekly burgers-and-beer day.

Really I just glad that I'm still invited to the math department gatherings, as my current group doesn't have much cohesion and doesn't go out as a group. Also, with The Topologist out of town and with my imminent kitchen remodel, I'm looking for every excuse that I can find to go out.

Especially as my lack of judgement led me to bring the toaster oven (which The Topologist had put on the "donate" pile) to Goodwill without thinking that I might need it while the kitchen was out of service. I may need to atone for this by buying a mini-fridge to use for the duration of the kitchen project.

Or I could teach your calculus class in exchange for food.