Friday, September 10, 2010

Culture Differences 2: Logos

Logos. I spent the better part of today hunting down high resolution images of many, many logos.

In a math talk, a mathematician will put the various coauthors names and possibly their institutions on the first slide. In words. Maybe there will be words to effect "This research was supported by NSF Grant DMS xxxxxxx." Maybe. Mathematicians are kind of forgetful. And it might be seen as inappropriate bragging to show off to your audience that you have an NSF grant and they don't.

Today I put together a string of logos that reminded me of the rows of icons that were displayed when old Macintoshes started up. In addition to a very prominent NSF logo (full color!), there are also logos for every institution that has someone affiliated with the project. Sometimes departments within institutions have logos, and those are included, too. Labs have their own logos. Projects within labs have their own logos. All of these logos form a row across the bottom of the slide/poster/whatever.

And then the real shocker. Apparently there is money to get some of these logos embroidered onto polo shirts. I can assure you that I will not be wearing a polo shirt with a institution/department/lab/project logo unless I have been unambiguously ordered to wear one.