Tuesday, September 07, 2010


The original hardwood floor has been revealed.

While this may be a 90-year-old house with trapezoidal windows, I have never had a problem with the floors not being level.

This week they should be installing linoleum. Like, the real linoleum made out of linseed oil and sawdust on a jute backing that went out of fashion post-World-War-II.

Yet I must admit to being just a tiny bit tempted of having the hardwood refinished, despite the fact that it is riddled with holes from old HVAC systems, from previous kitchen remodels (water and gas), and from nails used to attach the thin wood that the previous owners put between the hardwood and their stick-on vinyl tiles. I know that such a "distressed" floor will never look clean -- and won't match with the clean look planned for the kitchen.