Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Has it Really Been a Week?

Oops. Sorry about the lack of posting. First there was some travel. Then there was an issue with a rental car that I am sorting out with the best insurance ever. And then there is my pesky real job. One of these days I will do a post about my bosses. I work for a grant with a "lead PI" and four co-PIs, so there are plenty of bosses to go around. And my hairdresser has decided that I am growing my hair out, so I don't have to go back there for eight weeks. I swear, every time I go get my hair done it feels like I'm on the makeover episode of a reality show.

In the meantime I am writing about 50 letters of recommendation. The hard part is that they all have to be glowing, even if the student sucks. The student who spend all his time playing Starcraft and pissed off someone important? Will get a really good recommendation. These letters are coming out so formulaic that I am seriously considering writing a script to draft the first version of them.

Current kitchen bottleneck: countertops. Those are estimated to take 1-3 weeks.

And The Topologist will be flying in on Friday night to visit for a week. I see a lot of eating out in our future.