Saturday, September 11, 2010

Students are Awesome

I just got back from a few hours spent at yet another party thrown by my former students. This one had the theme "drink for the cure." For $5, it's all you can drink with the proceeds being donated to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. There was pink punch. Probably some sort of horribly alarming toxic brew. And pink jello shots. Do they make pink beer?

Drunk undergrad to hostess: You should have had a 9/11 party!

Hostess: You don't like breasts?

Drunk undergrad: But 9/11 is a holiday! You should always have a party for a holiday!

Me: Wasn't Rosh Hashanah the other day? And Eid Al-Fitr? There are lots of holidays this week.

Drunk undergrad: I know a girl who's Jewish! [Starts drunk-dialing]

As I was starting to think about leaving, a bunch of math grad students showed up at the party. They were so proud of themselves that they know people who know people who are not in the math department and that they were going to go out not with other people from the math department. Lucky for them I'm not in the math department any more.

I was half-expecting to run into one of the interns from work (because two of them are in the same social circle as my former students), but they weren't there. In a sense this was too bad because I need things from the interns, and they are bad at getting them to me. It would have been nice to give them that sense that they can not escape from me. Even if you ignore my email, I will find you anyway. Maybe next time.

I also did not run into my gynecologist's son, who I usually see at these parties, because my student's sister dumped him the other day. Did I mention that this is a small town?