Monday, November 22, 2010

Observations from Time Spent Traveling

  1. Unlike US-based airlines operating in the United States, if you are flying from one city in Germany to another city in Germany on Lufthansa, you don't need to ask special for an exit row seat (or pay extra!), and you can still sit there even if you don't speak the local language.

  2. When in the Munich airport, you will possibly need to change from your hometown strategy when playing the game "Hipster? or German?"

  3. At the grocery store in Germany you can buy golÄ…bki in a jar! They also sell poppyseed-marzipan yogurt. The names of most vegetables tend to be cognates of either their English names or their Polish names.

  4. I had many other clever observations, but I have forgotten them due to my lack of sleep from being unable to sleep on the overnight flight from Philadelphia to Munich. My watch is still on East Coast Time, which does not help anything.

  5. When I told The Topologist that Bonn is the Ithaca of Europe, he corrected me and said that Europe is the Ithaca of Europe. Apparently the choices are cloudy and gets dark early, raining and gets dark early, and snowing and gets dark early.