Monday, December 20, 2010

A Mathematician Talks on the Phone

The Topologist is the proud new owner of a used Google Nexus One. I've been nagging him to get a data plan for this phone.

Me: Call 611. They can add a data plan to your phone.

Him: Can't I do it online?

Me: Probably.

He tries to add a data plan online, but it won't work because AT&T's database shows that he still has a dumbphone. When he clicks on the "I have a different phone" option, the Nexus One does not appear on the list, neither as itself nor as some sort of HTC phone. I have to go back to doing actual work, so I leave him to fend for himself.

Me: Did you get the data plan on your phone?

Him: I called them and had them switch my phone, but when I check online it still doesn't show up. So I can't add it online.

Me: You could have had them add a data plan when you called, you know.