Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Yet Another Brief Update

  1. Overwhelmed. Not helping: It is stupid cold outside. It is stupid cold in my office. (The maintenance guy can't figure out how to make it warmer in my office.) Also not helping: My car needs niggling little things done to it. I keep forgetting things. And did I mention that it is cold? And dark.

  2. Work: We are in a chicken and egg situation. I have decided to wait things out. What's the worst that will happen? The project will implode and I get to go on unemployment for two years? Government-funded sabbatical? Sign me up!

  3. My pronouncements on recent political issues: (1) The whole WikiLeaks thing should never have happened. Really, someone thought it would be a good idea to store classified items in a database from which regular users could extract insane numbers of documents and then also decided that it was OK to give access from a computer with the ability to write to removable media? (2) The current debate on the tax rates and everything else makes me hate both parties even more.

  4. Some of the people who I work with have said things that are so stupid that I really hope that I totally mis-heard them.

  5. Today I had a follow-up appointment for my skin cancer from last year. A few spots got added to the "watch" list, but nothing needed to be sliced off.

  6. I cooked! Well, in the crockpot. Recipe: 1 bottle of beer, 1-2 cans/jars of something wet and tomato-y, 1 packet onion soup mix, various proteins and vegetables cut into reasonable-sized pieces. Put everything in the crockpot and cook on low all day.

  7. Maybe I will have beer for dessert? Seems like it would make a good pairing with Beer Stew. Or I could go to the grocery store and buy something rich and sugar-laden.

  8. I was invited to go out with people tonight, and I decided not to go because I am just not up for dealing with people in groups.

  9. Over the weekend I wrote my ridiculous statistics paper in two afternoons. I wrote roughly 15 pages of 10-point, single-spaced text and cited whatever random papers were lying around on my hard drive. I filled an appendix with inscrutable code. It looks so professional (yay, 10-point, single-spaced text and lovely tables) that I suspect that no one is going to actually read it. The professor has half-assed -- no, at most eighth-assed -- the entire class so far; I see no reason to expect him to do any work for the class now. He has not graded a single paper all semester (not even an exam), and he has not prepared a lecture in months. Grading hundreds of pages of projects? Ha.

  10. Spring class: Bioinformatics/genomics!

  11. Need to figure out what to do tonight. It is cold. I am not motivated to do anything -- especially not any of the things that need to be doing.