Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Adventures in Letters of Recommendation

Back on Friday Student A asked me for a letter of recommendation, due two weeks from today. Student A apologized for the short notice and told me that if I couldn't do it, that was fine, just to let her know so she could find someone else who could.

I had no problem writing a letter of recommendation for Student A because she is awesome. I wrote it yesterday and let her know that I did it. Since Student A is so off the charts wonderful, I rated her at the top of the scale on every "rate" question and wrote a few paragraphs about how awesome she is in the free-response section.

This morning I get a request from Student B, who happens to be Student A's boyfriend, asking for a letter of recommendation for the same program. Student B is less awesome than Student A. More to the point, Student B is not as well suited to this program than Student A is.

Since Student B is awesome (but less so), I can write a very good letter. But not as good as the one that I wrote for Student A.