Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off the Charts!

With the new year came a new health insurance plan. They did a clean sweep, tossing out the Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear trio of plans and have replaced them with two flavors of the same plan: The meddling plan and the non-meddling plan. The only difference between the two plans is that everything is more expensive on the non-meddling plan (premiums, copays, etc.). And that the meddling plan meddles.

So today I went to get my mandatory meddling so that I can continue to stay on the cheaper plan. They measured a variety of things and then provided a chart describing the health risks related to the ranges.

There's a lot of information about what it means if your levels are high/bad (and what you should do about it), but no sense of how low a reading is too low. Or what, if anything, one should do about it.

In the absence of advice from the health insurance meddling pamphlet, I have come up with my own plan: Eat more cheeseburgers.

But I'm thinking that I won't stick with my plan. Instead I may try theirs and see if by next year I can get my levels to extreme outlier status, just to see if a nurse will call me up recommending the cheeseburgers.