Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our IT Systems are Awesome

Since I am not teaching this semester, I'm not really bothered by the very, very, very ridiculous glitches that we are having with Blackboard. For a while, the only students whose accounts were working correctly were those whose first names began with A or B.

And I volunteered to help The Topologist out. As Blackboard does not have a "student view" setting, I let him add me to his class in the "student" role, and now he can see what the students see via my Blackboard account.

And since I didn't try logging on to Banner earlier in the day, it's crashy-crashy thing didn't bother me.

But do notice that Banner says that I am registered for the current term until the end of time. I suppose that I can use this to justify my signing up for the one year free trial of Amazon Student. Unclear to my why they think that I was admitted in the Spring 2010 semester, but I'm not going to let this bother me.

Eventually I worry that I might come up against the rule that you must declare a major by the time you have earned n credit hours. But by then we'll be likely to be using a different glitchy system for enrollment management. Those of us who are enrolled until the end of time can wait out trends in bad database software.