Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things That Should Not Be Shocking

So, apparently we do not have a lot of "diversity" among the faculty at this university.

Did you know that if you have a category of job that requires at least nine years of higher education to prepare for (often requiring going into debt) and where there are very few openings and what openings there are often have hundreds of applicants and then the starting salary is in the $50k range, it's hard to recruit people into the pipeline? Especially people who don't have a significant "safety net" to fall back on in case this doesn't work out? Or people who are looking for a profession with a good chance of employment in the near term?

Even nursing professors start out at roughly $60k. With a Ph.D. in nursing.

And yes, engineering and business administration professors do make a lot more money than that (if someone had told me that BA professors start out at over $100k, I might have gone to operations research grad school instead), if you went to a crappy high school, odds are that it is going to take you even more higher education than normal to become a professor. Somehow, I don't see it as all that likely that you can convince a "diverse" 18-year-old that the payoff down the road makes it worth it to take intermediate algebra, college algebra, precalculus, and then several semesters of real calculus, when the psychology major provides a very successful four-year path to graduation (with no hard courses required).