Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Adventures in Broader Impacts

I'm writing up something for the NSF about outreach to groups under-represented in STEM fields and our research group developing relationships that can be used to recruit students from under-represented groups to apply for our internships.

What I say: "Staff members have connected with the leadership of the campus chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and will build on these relationships for recruitment purposes."

What I mean: "When I party with undergraduates, some of my former students at the parties are SWE officers, and we've become a lot friendlier after drinking together, so I'd feel totally comfortable asking them to forward the email with the internship ad."

(Don't worry! They're nth year seniors and all over 21. It's almost mathematically impossible to graduate in four years with an engineering degree that is more than the bare minimum -- especially if you've done research or an internship.)