Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Could We Be Any More Smug?

Not only have I woken up at 5am without an alarm for the past two days, but yesterday I went and worked out before going to work and this morning I did some pilates at home.

But! But! That's not all! The forces of smugness are strong in our house because of the growing Macintosh cluster that we are assembling.

As of yesterday in my house there is:
  • My iMac (27", natch, plus an external 22" monitor in portrait orientation -- for emacs, of course, as the number of bugs is inversely proportional to the amount of code I can see at once. And then I split that buffer.)
  • My MacBook -- which is my "sit on the couch" computer
  • My work MacBook Pro, which doesn't do anything at home other than sit in its bag. I have two offices, so it commutes with me.
  • The Topologist's MacBook, which is now his sit on the couch computer. (They are both black! We match!)
  • And now his 13" MacBook Air.

Really I need to put them all to work solving some sort of problem. Maybe a mix of yoga and protein folding?