Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Not to Make a Good Impression on Grumpy Old People Like Me

I'm doing some interviewing for Dahtmuth, so I emailed some kid who has applied. I got his contact information from i-Track.

I didn't hear anything for several days. My opinion is that part of the game of applying for things is that you should at least pretend that you are really interested, especially if you are applying for something competitive. Otherwise, you're probably wasting your time in applying. Not responding to my email seemed like a sign of non-enthusiasm.

And then I get an email back, from the address I sent the interview request to, from the kid's dad. Dad reports that he's been busy but will forward my email to the kid soon and then let the kid get back to me.

If you are going to micromanage your kid's life, at least try to do a good job of it!