Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Which I Accuse Low-Quality Internet Health Journalists of Begging the Question

subtitle: At least the Koreans aren't known for their delicious cakes.

sub-subtitle: It's entirely likely that I am using "begging the question" incorrectly. But not in the usual way.

A lot of the so-called health journalism that I see on the Internet will demonize the modern western diet -- especially refined sugars and starches with a claim somewhat like this one: You never see anyone go crazy eating carrots (or other vegetables). We only binge on things like cookies and other foods with refined carbohydrates. Therefore, vegetables and natural and good, and carbs are unnatural and bad.

If you follow this logic, this week my lack of self-control is casting suspicions on the wholesomeness of spicy fermented cabbage. Since Sunday I have eaten FIVE POUNDS of kimchee. (And I checked: No sugar added.) Cupcakes, I can resist. But against kimchee, I am powerless. It will take all of my good sense this weekend to stay out of the Korean grocery store and not buy more kimchee.