Monday, February 07, 2011

The Latest in Facebook Friend Suggestions

  1. Friend request: Mutual friends are my aunt-in-law, her wife, and one of their friends. Not sure what the etiquette is about friends of the family when they are not exactly close relatives. Tangentially related: Via Facebook I saw a photo album of my aunt-in-law's half-sister's mother with various famous people, like Amelia Earhart and Joe DiMaggio. If real famous people were friending me via my distant relatives, I would probably accept.

  2. Friend suggestion: Someone from work suggested that I should become friends with someone who has the same name as someone else who we work with (but who was clearly not the same person). My grasp of business etiquette is not so cutting edge as to be able to deal with this situation.

  3. Algorithmic friend suggestion: Facebook noticed that I have three friends in common with someone who I'd never heard of. The three friends are a blog-friend, someone I went to graduate school with, and one of my former summer students. I am assuming that it is a nerd connection. Still have not deciphered why one of the undergraduates I know has a mutual friend with someone who I went to high school with.