Thursday, February 17, 2011

Latest News from the Homeless

Homeless Relative has come to visit!
  1. Don't tell my neighbors, but he's staying at the homeless shelter down at the south end of the neighborhood because he can't stay here. My neighbors are very touchy about the homeless shelter and especially about the homeless who come in from out of town to stay there.

  2. On paper he lives here. His driver's license has this as his address. He gets bills here from various doctors who he hasn't paid. His Medicare (yes, Medicare, not Medicaid) paperwork comes here. So he picked up his mail. He also dropped off some crap. I'd like to get him a storage unit as a gift. (And lock it with a combination lock so that he can just call and ask when he forgets the combination instead of dealing with the nonsense of him losing the key.)

  3. Homeless Relative was loitering on campus for a while today, and he could tell that the campus police were thinking about hassling him. (They decided against it.) His plan, should they have hassled him, was to claim to be faculty and to have momentarily forgotten where his classroom was.

  4. Commenting on The Topologist driving a nearly ten-year-old car that has seen better days (and really needs to be washed), he opined that this might hurt The Topologist's chances at making Full Professor. The dean may get a bad impression of The Topologist based on the car.