Friday, February 11, 2011

New Adventures in Academic Typesetting

I am motivated to learn how to use the ifthenelse package in LaTeX so that I can figure out how to do conditional formatting. I've decided that instead of lugging my laptop home over the weekend and instead of printing my biology notes on paper that I will instead change the mark-up to optimize them for my Kindle.

Of course, if it were just text, then it would be really, really easy. In the preamble comment out everything that I have about page sizes and margins for printing on paper and use the geometry package to set the page size to my Kindle's screen size.

But since the Kindle screen is kind of small, I want all of the tables and figures to be full width and rotated for Kindle viewing. This is a pain to do by hand--especially if I plan to recompile the source for regular paper. Thus, I would love to figure out conditional formatting so that I could just set a boolean in the preamble to tell TeX whether to make the PDF for my Kindle or for regular paper.