Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Things Reviewed

Laptop Lunchbox:
My main lunchbox is a Laptop Lunchbox. I bought an extra set of containers, which is essential for me. I tend to bring a mix of leftovers and things I bought specifically for bringing for lunch. The only cons for me: The main container is sized just a bit too small to pack individually wrapped packaged foods (like those single serving fruits or yogurts or puddings), which I guess may have been intentional, as they are all about buying healthy food in bulk and not using little containers of processed food. And the strap attaches too low on the bag, so it flops around.

Threadless Lunchbag
In hopes of solving the flappy-bag problem (and also in hopes of expanding my lunch repertoire to include a thermos of soup), I bought a Threadless lunchbag from Target. While it is not flappy, it also is a bit too small for the main bento container from my normal lunch. I tend to use it on days when I'm bringing soup. Or when I want to bring processed, packaged food. Or anything else that doesn't fit in my normal lunchbox. I'm currently on a soup kick and exploring the options for dehydrated foods that will cook up by soaking in hot water. Today I packed a faux pho with soup base, beef jerky, and rice thread noodles. (Tom Yum base plus pieces of dried shitaake was last week; before that was miso soup.)

Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo
I love this spray-in dry shampoo. To maintain my hair color, I can't wash my hair every day, so I use this on the days that I don't wash it. My tips about this product: Your hair will not feel "just washed clean," but it will not look oily. Do not use too much or you will see the powder. Do not think that you need to "brush it all out." It includes some sort of styling ingredient that gives me the option of having big hair. Well, as big as my hair gets.

The Theraband Flexbar
I have fondly nicknamed this the placebo stick. I have one in red and one in green. No idea if it works like has been claimed, but after using it as directed, my elbow pain has cleared up. Soon I will be able to get back in the gym and get really serious about getting buff. Maybe once the ARRA funding dries up on the grant that I work on, I will look into starting a second career as a middle-aged fitness model.