Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I May Be Crazy, But I'm Not That Crazy

Today I got an email from a woman who is always right. The problem here is that I am also always right, and we do not agree on a lot of things. I met her when I was working on a consulting project, and I hated working with her because she is just as opinionated and inflexible as I am -- but holds very different views on things. I've made it clear to the person who hires consultants on that team that I will never work with her again; I worked on that project because it was a fun project and not because I needed the money, and working with her was not fun.

Today she emailed me along the lines of, "I see you're working on X. I'm guessing that your approach to X is Y, which is entirely the wrong approach. How are you planning on working on X? Would you like to collaborate with me on X?"

Because there was nothing to be gained from writing back that I think that she's as crazy as I am, I instead pointed out that I'm already collaborating with a lot of people on X and that we're all set, thanks so much. (Oh, and X is not even in her field.)