Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  1. Exhausted. Feel like crap. My sleep schedule is still fucked up from the switch to Daylight Stealing Time. I have no problem waking up at 5:30am, even though it is dark out until well past 7am. No, I can not fall asleep at the same clock-time as my old bed time (one hour of real-time earlier than before). As allergy season approaches, benadryl may be my best bet.

  2. Exam in biology class today. Was going to be Monday, but the post-doc arrived at class on Monday to tell us that the exam would be Wednesday instead. Research-active faculty with large grants are awesome. When the professor is going to be absent, usually he will assign students to give graded presentations and then send the post-doc to grade them.

  3. Yesterday I used my amazing information-gathering skills at work:
    Colleague (technical staff): We're now working with Professors X and Y from Cornell University, but their accounts won't be active until April 1.
    Me: Thanks, I'll send them an email to introduce them to [the team they'll be working with].
    Colleague: Their accounts won't be active until April 1, so their contact information isn't in the system yet.
    Me: That shouldn't be a problem. [Types into Google name of the professor and Guess what was the first hit?]

  4. Assuming that databases can be appropriately wrangled, I will be teaching a class in the fall! You might not think that I know enough about computing to teach it to freshmen, but you would be wrong! I am choosing topics that I am likely to know better than the freshmen do. That is what is so awesome about teaching an interdisciplinary seminar class. Are you a good speaker about something awesome? Come be a guest lecturer!

  5. Not sure what my next step is in the poor temperature regulation in my office. The head of facilities emailed me that they would be replacing the defective valve. And they did. And my office is still stupid-cold. Every now and then a gaggle of facilities staffers will come to the office and stand on ladders and try to figure out what is up. They tell me that I need to call Wally and tell him that the controls are shot. At the moment they can't do much because we are still in the "heat" phase, so offices are to be no warmer than 68. And since the weather has been warm but not unreasonable it is unclear if my office is just not getting warm enough (i.e. not enough heat) or if my office is getting too cold (i.e. too much air conditioning). My plan is to wait until it's been hot for a few days and we are in a/c mode and then complain again about the cold office. Too much air conditioning is forbidden.

  6. I will be making a whirlwind trip to upstate NY this weekend, as I am giving a talk in Schenectady. Do you want to guess who pressured the conference organizers to invite me to give a talk? I suspect that I am going to be tested with a trap on Friday. I'm arriving around 11am, so my mom is taking me out to lunch at Gershon's after picking me up at ALB. Her memory is at least as good as mine, so she certainly must remember that I always had a fondness for the shrimp salad sandwich. However, she suggested that I should have the pastrami sandwich. On a Friday. During Lent. There must be a trap involved.

  7. I have been absolutely starving for the entire month of March. I need to figure out what I need to do in terms of the gym and what I eat so that I can use this to get big like Arnold. (OK, I realize that I can't get big like Arnold just from changing how I eat and exercise, but I can't find the right rhetorical approach to say that I think that "toning" is total bullshit and that I don't do anything halfway. Who wants to teach me how to do deadlifts?) I think I've gained roughly three pounds this month (from 110 to 113), assuming that my lying scale can be trusted at all.