Tuesday, March 08, 2011

There is a Professor In Another State Who Accidentally Gives Out My Email Address to Her Students

This woman who has the same name as me accidentally gives out my GMail address as hers to a whole variety of people. I just delete the things from her church and from her online shopping.

But today I got another email from one of her students. GMail actually flagged it as spam, as it did seem kind of spammy. The full text of the email:
Hi! Here is my resume. Christina
Christina used one of the shadier free email services for her email account, and her resume was attached as a .wps file, which is just insane.

My gut instinct was that this wasn't some sort of weird virus. And since I have a Mac and decided to read the file by just tossing it at a text editor, I wasn't really concerned even if it were some sort of virus.

And it really was Christina's resume.