Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Tales from Work

  1. One applicant for the internship left in the filler text from the resume template (things like [job responsibility/achievement]), wrote "under grade" instead of "undergrad," and quoted from a pop song.

  2. Another email exchange with a colleague:
    me: [Other person from work] tells me that you might have some advice for me in [unremarkable situation].
    her: What's your phone number?
    me: zzz-300-MATH
    her: What's your local number?
    me: That's my cell phone. I don't have a phone on my desk.
    her: [crickets]
    If her advice is so secret that she can't commit it to writing or to a long distance call, maybe I don't want to hear it?

  3. Someone may have to put their foot down about what goes on the web page. People who have no interest in maintaining the web page keep suggesting more things that they want on the web page. And none of these people are management. I'm of the opinion that taking initiative needs to be paired with taking ownership when it comes to the web page.

  4. Got a cryptic email from facilities today about the temperature in my office. We have a policy that offices can not be air conditioned down below 76 degrees. On a day that it was nearly 90 degrees outside (and had been warm for a few days beforehand), my office was in the mid-60s. I complained to facilities. They told me that my office was in compliance because it was being heated and not air conditioned. Clearly the university must be doing some really cutting edge work in mechanical engineering -- especially since the hallway and other, nearby offices were in the mid-70s.