Friday, April 15, 2011

One of Those Weeks

  1. You know how sometimes a storm will blow through and then the weather changes a lot? That happened to my brain yesterday. Did a bunch of stupid shit, had a headache and felt sick, went to bed early, and woke up in a very different mood than I'd been in lately. And while moods are not linearly ordered, this one is clearly not better than the one that I had been in -- which was, itself, sub-optimal.

  2. If I had a dosimeter that measured the crazy in the people that surround me, it would be reporting concerning levels. I don't spend time with that many crazy people, but some of them are going off the charts.

  3. I have taken on a major responsibility outside of work. In my copious free time.

  4. Today I discovered the bright shining orb of awesome that envelopes so many people I know. Including two of the "20 under 20" Thiel finalists. And some guy I know who got his triple major in four years (math, a social science, and a mixed humanities-social science) and who recently completed his Ph.D. in the social science (at a university that everyone on the planet has heard of) in two years.

  5. If I got a minion to help out with the low-skill stuff that takes up a disproportionate amount of time at work, I am not sure what I would do with the rest of my time. Working on the large non-work project is tempting but inappropriate.

  6. Today's plan: kill off all of the non-thinking tasks on the to-do list and try to pass other tasks back to collaborators' courts. The latter is one of my favorite new strategies.