Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sudden Realizations about a Government Shutdown

  1. I work for the University, and I have an office on campus. Thus, I will not get any days off if the federal government closes.

  2. My coworkers who work for the University but who don't have offices on campus might get vacation days if their office location is federal government enough. Jealous! No idea if this is really what would happen, though. But I suspect that it could, as they got a day off on December 23 when the University was open (so I had to work) but their office location was closed. There is a code for this to record on one's time sheet, and one gets paid for not working on such days. This would be the best of both worlds for them -- day off imposed by the feds but paid for it by the University.

  3. My boss, who forgets that he works part time for the University in addition to working full time for a government contractor may be harder to track down if he is forbidden from working. However, it is possible that a government shut-down may lead to the cancellation of time-wasting meetings.

  4. The secretary who makes things happen works for the government contractor (no one here works for the actual government, it seems), too. This could be bad. Especially since I am trying to get her to shepherd through some complicated and time-sensitive paperwork that has already been disrupted by her illness, jury duty, and vacation.