Saturday, April 23, 2011


  1. The students who invite me to their parties had a zombie-themed party last night in honor of Easter. I went. I probably won't be going to too many more of these because (1) The guy who usually invites me is going to be taking a "gap year" in another country before starting linguistics graduate school, and (2) I'm going to be teaching in the fall and do try to avoid socializing with students in my classes.

  2. My doctor's son was at the party and apologized for hitting on me at the previous few parties. He explained that he found hitting on his mother's patients to be a form of rebellion. He also tells me that he has dropped out of medical school. We had a nice chat about file formats for medical imaging.

  3. Strangers that I met included an undergrad who declared, "You're the infamous Dr. Hirta. My roommate had you for Math 199 last year." Me: "So clearly you know who I am. I have no idea who you are. And who is your roommate?" Turns out that his roommate is the student who I just hired as a summer intern. In other strangers who I met: a grad student in a science that I don't know much about and who was remarkably polite for a drunk guy.

  4. I really need to learn not to drink the lethal punch. Yesterday (a day off) was spent with a multi-hour allergist appointment and some other things that did not help me make any progress on things that really need to get done. Today I didn't make it out of bed for good until 2pm (was up a few times before then getting more water). This is shaping up to be a rather unproductive weekend. Still feeling a bit of the zombie theme.