Monday, May 30, 2011

Good News, Bad News

My house was broken into yesterday afternoon.

Most of the stuff was recovered (the kids dropped the bag in the woods).

My local police lab uses iron filings as a fingerprint powder.

When they dusted the stolen-recovered laptops for prints, the powder affixed itself to the MagSafe connector.

Currently on my list of things to do: Get accurate reports to police and insurance company, discuss future changes to insurance with insurance company, replace broken basement window, harden all basement windows, deal with damaged back door, add latch to basement door, replace broken motion-sensor lights in backyard (even though theft occurred in broad daylight), consider getting double-key deadbolts (need key to unlock from inside, too). Oh, and nap, as I did not sleep well last night.

In other good news: Apple's obsessive creepy logging via iTunes means that your iPod's serial number is stored on your hard drive. So far the only thing that hasn't been recovered in my $180 iPod nano (free with rebate).